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NetSupport School version 15.00.0000 is uit! Product release
Maandag 3 Juli 2023, 12:56u
Overzicht nieuw en fixes (Engels):

NetSupport School version 15.00.0000 has now been released as is available for download from our websites. This release of NetSupport School requires a new license key, only keys issued for version 15 will work with this release.

The following platforms for NetSupport School have been included in this release:

  • NetSupport School for Windows - (available in the following language variants: Brazilian Portuguese, Dutch, English, European Portuguese, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin American, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese and Turkish).
  • NetSupport School Tutor for ChromeOS
  • NetSupport School Student for ChromeOS
  • NetSupport School Tutor for Android; NetSupport School Student for Android
  • NetSupport Browser App for iOS
For information on the items included in this new NetSupport School version 15.00.0000 release, please see the below :

What is new

  • Adds ability to save or navigate directly to a URL from the student web history display by right clicking on history entry.
  • Enhancement to send/collect work to enable sub-folders to be specified in the work package to be sent.
  • A launch only to "Logged in" machines option added to Quick Launch on the Tutor ribbon.
  • Reset Active Directory Password option can be removed from the context menu by GPO policy.
  • Added the ability to configure the Tutor to auto-save Chat history once a chat has been complete.
  • Added the ability to search for Students, Machines, running applications, or open websites in the Tech Console.
  • Allows Tech console and Tutor to select which monitor to display as a thumbnail where a student machine has more than one display.
  • Tutors and Tech Consoles can now see multi-monitor thumbnails or switch between screens when performing a view session.
  • Added the ability to stop the Client32 Service, until a machine is restarted, to stop for a period of time, or to restart at a specified time.
  • Can set "Scale to fit" to be the default option for Show via a GPO.
  • Can now set Print thresholds via GPO.
  • Can now enforce lock layout via GPO.
  • Added the ability to enable or disable the Screenshot feature via GPO.
  • Added the ability to specify the default path for File Transfer and Distribution via GPO.
  • The Gateway key description is now displayed in the NCS interface.
  • Can now choose to show or hide Websites in the Approved Websites list at Students.
  • Can now set the location to automatically save the History reports too via GPO.
  • The Client version can be shown/hidden in the report mode of the Tech Console
  • Added the ability to disable the Yes/No confirmation prompts throughout the Tutor.
  • Added the ability to power off logged-out machines.
  • Added a new question type to the test designer, Highlight Text question.
  • Enable the importation of .png format files as resources into School Test Design
  • Can now set the view style of the Tutor, details view, for various tabs via GPO.
  • Added the ability to multi-select room mode connections in the class wizard.
  • URLs sent via a message are now clickable at the student.
  • Can now remove old students from the interface with a right-click Delete option.
  • Can choose to hide the confirmation dialog for "Are you sure?" when logging out machines remotely.
  • Can choose to not show the "Are you sure?" dialog when closing the Tutor interface.
  • Can now set "What best describes your environment?" via GPO. This will cut down the Tutor interface for MultiSeat thin clients, Tablets, Chromebooks, or Windows 10 S Students.
  • Can disable the web access option from the toolbar via GPO.
  • Login name and Display name can now be shown on Thumbnails.
  • Added the ability to disable Power Management options via GPO.
  • Can now apply the school?s name via GPO for SIS connections.
  • Can now disable Quick Launch via GPO.
  • Can now set the audio threshold via GPO.
  • Can now include false answers in the drag-and-drop question type.
  • Connectivity server console window is now resizable.
  • The NetSupport Tutor is now DPI aware.
  • The NetSupport Tech Console is now DPI aware.
  • Added option in Tech Console to show/hide Running Applications and Websites columns.
  • Added the ability to blank the student?s screens, while performing a view. The student side will blank while the Tutor/Tech Console can continue to see their screen.
  • Task manager and Inventory are now split into two separate features.
  • Updated NetSupport branding across the product.
  • Added a GPO policy which allows chat history to be saved to a set directory using credentials (if required).
  • Added a GPO policy that allows a range of tutor configurations to be set by administrators i.e., Lock layout and show active print jobs.
  • Can now send Stickers as a type of reward to students.
  • Adds an update alert feature which appears under tutor and tech console "Option" item which provides information on update availability.
  • New design implemented for the User Interface for NetSupport School v15.00.0000.
What is Fixed

  • Fixed an issue that prevented USB device restrictions from working.
  • Late joiners will now join a Show that is in progress, this only apples to show, not show video/application.
  • User mode class re-connections use previously created icon place holders at the tutor after a student login and class refresh.
  • Improved the error message that is displayed for an incorrect gateway key when using room mode.
  • The NetSupport Deploy utility is now included in the installed package when using a NSW.lic.
  • Rebooting a locked student, even with a save pending, will now succeed.
  • If a student connection is lost part way through a test, the results so far obtained from that student are preserved and available in the class summary and individual student reports.
  • Fixes an issue that caused a crash in connectivity server when student photo URL for google classroom was over 1000 characters.
  • On a reboot the shutdown messages are now shown correctly on thumbnails and in the view window, which allows shutdown prompts to be seen and responded to.
  • Resolved an issue that allowed Internet browsing in Firefox Kiosk mode when internet restrictions were in place for Students.
  • Help requests are now cleared when a student leaves an active class.
  • Resolved an issue where BING AL was not blocked when restrict all was applied to students.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed web searching via Microsoft Word when "Restrict All" internet was applied to students.
NetSupport School Android Tutor Console 15.00.0000

What is new

  • Updated the user interface
What is Fixed

  • Resolved an App crash that could occur when using chat and newer versions
iOS Browser App (Student) 2.00.0000

What is new

  • Included latest Phrase packs for NetSupport DNA 4.95.0000.
  • Updated the User Interface.
  • Device name is now displayed in the settings tab of the UI.
What is Fixed

  • Resolved an issue that prevented the application from connecting on a local network.
  • Fixed an issue where some special symbol characters were not displayed correctly in a chat.
NetSupport School Chrome Tutor

What is new

  • Updated the User Interface.
What is Fixed

  • Resolved an issue where chat could not be closed.
  • Removed Block FTP option as it is no longer applicable to modern browsers.
  • Updated Send URL to always prefix HTTPS.
NetSupport School Chrome Student

What is new

  • The Chrome Student now supports the latest Feedback and Wellbeing images added to the Windows NetSupport School 15.00.0000 release.
  • Updated the User Interface.
What is Fixed

  • ? Resolved an issue where thumbnails were displayed distorted at the Windows Tutor after the Chrome Student had received a show.
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